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The profile of American Power Service

Contact Person of American Power Service: Dave Grimes
Annual Sales: $5 - 9.9 Mil
Number of Employees: 10-49
years found: 1985
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Heat transfer equipment services including on-site testing, troubleshooting, repair, tube plugging, re-tubing, rebuilding, redesigning & code welding. Services also include eddy current testing, hydrostatic tube testing, engineering & failure analysis, pressure testing, cleaning & rental & technical support. Products serviced include heat exchangers, condensers, feedwater heaters, oil coolers, cooling water coolers, evaporators, hydrogen coolers, air pre-heaters, air cooled exchangers, steam to hot water converters, reboilers, steam jet air ejectors, air cooled condensers & fin fan air coolers. Markets served include industrial plants, chemical process plants, refineries, petro-chemical plants, pulp & paper mills, food & drug plants, marine heat exchangers, hospitals & commercial buildings.
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