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The profile of L & M Welding Supply, Inc.

Contact Person of L & M Welding Supply, Inc.: Not Available
Annual Sales: $1 - 4.9 Mil
Number of Employees: 1-9
years found: 1980
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Veteran-owned distributor of welding equipment, accessories and supplies. Products include gas and arc welding equipment, filler metals, abrasives, safety gear and protective products, tools and hardware. Various welding gas products include torches, tips, regulators, hose, compressed gas fittings, pipe beveling and cutting machines, manifolds, piping, valves, cylinder carts and racks, strikers and tip cleaners. Various arc welding products welders, wire feeders, plasma consumables, tungsten, MIG guns, nozzles, whips, carbons, cables, electrode holders, connectors, clamps, lugs and assemblies. Various filler metals include electrodes, rods, wire, tapes, alloys, solders and fluxes. Various safety products include hard hats, safety glasses, goggles, gloves, clothing, welding screens, curtains, fall protection harnesses, rain suits, respirators and face and grinding shields. Various hardware include pipe and jack stands, impact sockets, retaining rings, pipe clamps, drill bits, annular cuttings, die grinders, carbide burrs, grinding/cut-off wheels, blades, rags and light bulbs. Tools include hand, power, cutting, measuring, pipe prep and air tools. Various other products include indicators, chemicals, ovens, caddies, stamps, stencils, tags, paper, markers, cutting and measuring tools, drills, hearing protectors, tongs, cylinder trucks, files, saws, spark lighters, textiles and earplugs. Industries served include power generation, petro-chemical, shipbuilding, construction, fabrication, manufacturing and government/military. Meets AWS standards. Same day shipping for stock items available.
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