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The profile of Liberty Industries, Inc.

Contact Person of Liberty Industries, Inc.: Not Available
Annual Sales: Under $1 Mil
Number of Employees: 10-49
years found: 1953
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Custom manufacturer & distributor of cleanrooms & contamination control supplies & accessories. Contamination control supplies & accessories include laminar flow devices, mats, shoe brush machines, air showers, fan filter units, garments & cleaners, pass thru, cleanroom packaging equipment & particle counters. Types of cleanrooms include modular, portable, softwall & mini-micro cleanrooms. Services include training, assembly, decontamination, design, ultra high purity (UHP) piping fabricating, retrofitting, consulting, contract assembly & laboratory design & building. Pharmaceutical, hospital, optics, medical devices, automotive, aerospace, semiconductor and other industries served.Liberty Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of top-quality cleanroom and contamination control supplies and accessories throughout the world since 1953, making Liberty your one stop source for all your cleanroom needs.

Whatever your needs, one call to Liberty is all it takes. Because Liberty carries the widest range of system solutions available today including our popular Modular, Softwall, and Mini-Micro Cleanrooms, Air Showers, Laminar Flow units, Shoe Brushes, Tacky Mats?, Fan Filter Units (FFU?s), Prep Rooms, Pass Thrus, and hundreds of accessories ? everything from garments to vacuums to informative publications and more. We also provide certification and 3rd party testing upon request.

Our experienced engineering staff will help you customize any of our standard products to fit your specific needs from air showers, laminar flow benches, storage cabinets, glove boxes, pass thrus as well as hard wall cleanrooms or soft wall cleanrooms.
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