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The profile of Industrial Brush Corp.

Contact Person of Industrial Brush Corp.: Gregory S. Tripp
Annual Sales: $10 - 24.9 Mil
Number of Employees: 50-99
years found: 1947
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Manufacturer of brushes including formed & straight brush strips, cylinder brushes such as spiral wound, coil & split core cylinder brushes & tufted brushes such as tufted staple set, staple set cylinder brushes, lag brushes, disc brushes, block brushes & plate brushes. Products also include auger flight brushes, strip & plastic block brushes, bristle brushes, compressed disk brushes, pumice scrubber brushes & brush shields. Materials include nylon 6-12, nylon 6-6, nylon type 6, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, horsehair, tampico & wire. Applications include condenser cleaning, conveyor cleaning, egg washing, shackle cleaning, washing, waxing, peeling, polishing, drying, harvesting, glass washing, deburring, scrubbing, trommel screen cleaning, vehicle washing & wood processing. Services include trimming & truing of brushes, rewrapping cores with new brush material & repairing worn journals. Brushes can be custom manufactured to specification.
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