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The profile of Multicam, Inc.

Contact Person of Multicam, Inc.: John Harris
Annual Sales: $50 - 99.9 Mil
Number of Employees: 200-499
years found: 1989
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Manufacturer of CNC cutting and machining solutions. Products include 3 and 5 axis routers, 3 and 5 axis plasma machines, 3 and 5 axis waterjet tables, laser cutters, fabricators, and finishing systems. Software and accessories are also available. Suitable for various applications including sign making, digital finishing, sheet-metal and plate processing, cabinet making, thermoform trimming, plastic fabrication, aerospace, automotive, and more.MultiCam is a global supplier of innovative CNC cutting solutions for industries ranging from sign making to digital finishing, sheet metal to plate-steel processing, hardwoods to cabinet making, thermoform trimming to plastics fabrication, as well as a wide variety of aerospace and automotive applications. With over 12,000 machines installed worldwide, MultiCam provides cost-effective, easy-to-use, programmable cutting, and additive manufacturing solutions for both large and small companies alike. Founded in 1989, MultiCam's corporate office and manufacturing facility are located in the heart of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. With over 50 technology centers across the globe, along with sales and service representatives in over 100 countries, you'll find a location near you for local demonstrations, training, service, and support.
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