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Custom manufacturer of centrifugal machinery, equipment, and component parts for air and gas applications. Products offered are blowers and exhausters, vacuum systems, adapters, fittings, separators and collectors, controls systems, connectors, couplings, elbows, hose, lubricants, rods, tools, and tubing. Field, factory, and parts services are offered. Serves the biofuel production, chemical, flux recovery, landfill gas processing, mining, petroleum refining, power, and wastewater treatment sectors.Hoffman & Lamson engineered vacuum systems, each comprised of a vacuum producer, separators and complementary components, are designed to match your exact application requirements. These include general cleaning, material recovery, vacuum conveying of material and the capture of dangerous or hazardous dust. Hoffman & Lamson has extensive experience creating engineered vacuum systems customized for your particular needs.

Hoffman & Lamson multistage centrifugal blowers and exhausters are the proven standard for applications requiring continuous low-noise operation with minimal maintenance requirements. There is a wide range of Hoffman & Lamson equipment, each having its own unique performance characteristics and design features to match your application requirements. They are available in complete engineered solution packages featuring electric, steam turbine or VFD drives.
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