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The profile of Wohler USA, Inc.

Contact Person of Wohler USA, Inc.: Janice DiMare
Annual Sales: Under $1 Mil
Number of Employees: 1-9
years found: 2005
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Manufacturer of industrial measuring, cleaning, and inspecting instruments and equipment. Available in various sizes, types, and features. Products include flue gas analyzers, anemometers, data loggers, endoscopes, cameras, and brushes. Also offers inspection accessories such as camera domes, aluminum cases, protective sleeves, roller guides, and camera holders. Serves the heating, ventilation, and facility management industries. Provides testing services that covers combustion and carbon monoxide testing and efficiency evaluation.For over 80 years, the name Wohler has been a synonym for quality and progressive innovations in the field of measuring instruments, visual inspection systems and cleaning equipment for heating, ventilation, plumbing, chimney sweep, non-destructive testing, and facility management applications.
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