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The profile of Micro-Mark / Scientific Models, Inc.

Contact Person of Micro-Mark / Scientific Models, Inc.: Not Available
Annual Sales: $5 - 9.9 Mil
Number of Employees: 10-49
years found: 1983
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Manufacturer and distributor of miniature power and hand tools and hobby supplies. Types of tools include compressors, bench tools, sanders, grinders, applicators, knives, cutters, pliers, nippers, punches, scissors, benders, files, vises, taps, dies, jigs and fixtures. Hobby supply products include adhesives, specialty tools, lubes, books, cleaners, organizers, paint brushes and weathering powders. Products are suitable for professional modelers and are suitable for building various types of plastic models including, buildings, trains, planes, ships and cars. Repair services are also available.Micro-Mark: your online source for mini tools and model building supplies

Our mission at Micro-Mark is to be your source for hard-to-find mini tools and model building supplies at low prices. We take great pride in providing the best customer service in the industry.

Whether you are a professional craftsman, or a model building hobbyist pursuing any of the following activities that require precision miniature tools, you'll benefit by making Micro-Mark you definitive choice for model building supplies.

Model trains, doll houses, musical instrument maintenance, jewelry design, military models, architectural models, home machine shops, model planes, model cars, figures, model ships, plastic models, gourd carving, camera and gun repair, and much, much more!
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