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The profile of Neta Scientific, Inc.

Contact Person of Neta Scientific, Inc.: Not Available
Annual Sales: $25 - 49.9 Mil
Number of Employees: 10-49
years found: 2000
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Distributor of laboratory equipment & supplies, including jugs, jars, kettles, indicators, flow meters, buffer, adapters, markers, mills, chemicals, acids, microscopes, manometers, containers, bulbs, bottles and scales. Acetone, antibiotics, aprons, aspirators, autoclaves, baskets, glass beads, boxes, clamps, colorimeters, condensers, connectors, disinfectants and faucets are also available. Pharmaceutical, life sciences, bio-tech, government, food and flavors and chemical industries served.For over 14 years, Neta Scientific has been a reliable and innovative source for laboratory supplies. Our experienced team, quality products, and technical knowledge allow our customers to focus on what they do best.

Who We Are:

-Partner in Science: 40+ years of practical experiences

-Certifications: That assist in diversity spend requirements (SDA, SDB, NMSDC, WBE and MBE)

-Nimble, Adaptable & Knowledgeable

-Members of key organizations for the laboratory market

Product We Provide:

-Chromatography columns & consumables

-Laboratory plasticware & glassware consumables

-Bench Chemicals

-Life science reagents, supplies & kits

-Benchtop and laboratory equipment

Markets We Serve:

-Biotech & Life Science


-Food & Flavors



-Research Universities
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