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The profile of Wilkerson Packaging Co.

Contact Person of Wilkerson Packaging Co.: Not Available
Annual Sales: $10 - 24.9 Mil
Number of Employees: 10-49
years found: 1982
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Veteran-owned distributor of standard & custom packaging & shipping supplies & products. Tapes, corrugated boxes, stretch film, shrink film, void fill, welding fabrics, plastic/metal strapping, foam packaging, bubble wrap, flexible packaging, bags, Kraft paper, chipboard & janitorial supplies are available. Types of packaging & shipping supplies include angle boards, bin boxes, cords, corrugated pads, cutters, pressure sensitive envelopes, folding carton, hot melt glue, labels, mailing tubes, marking supplies, packing list envelopes, staplers & staples, stencils & supplies, twine, twist ties, cellulose wadding, corner protectors, corrugated rolls & sheets, cushion foam, newsprint, Styrofoam? peanuts & tissue paper. Protective tapes, pressure sensitive tapes, masking tapes, pilfer proof tapes & specialty tapes are available. Services include paper converting. Next day delivery available.Simply stated Wilkerson Packaging provides the best products and services for all your facility packaging and shipping needs. Our experts can help get you the solution you need with the speed you need it delivered in.
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