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The profile of Valterra Products LLC

Contact Person of Valterra Products LLC: Not Available
Annual Sales: Under $1 Mil
Number of Employees: 10-49
years found: 1981
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Manufacturer of recreational vehicle (RV), swimming pool, spa and plumbing products. Various products include adapters, hose clamps, leveling chocks, cable hatches, door locks, fans, thermometers, brushes, hose, leaf baggers, leaf rakes, skimmer nets, poles, pumps, filters, signs and valves. Capabilities include contract manufacturing and assembly. Available in stock.For over 30 years Valterra has been a leading supplier of branded products for the recreational vehicle, pool & spa, and plumbing industries worldwide. Our inexpensive valves for industrial, agricultural and commercial markets are ideal for quick shut-off in low pressure or vacuum lines.

We specialize in economical knife gate valves which are ideal for drain applications that require quick shut-off in low pressure or vacuum systems. Applications include waste water control, septic systems, irrigation, aquaculture, pools, spas, IBC, tank drains, and carpet/extraction equipment. Ball valves, swing check valves and swing/spring combo check valves are also offered.
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